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Barbara L. Schultz

Leadership Coach

Change Leadership Strategist 

Transformation Guide


Conversations for Igniting Potential


  • Free your capacity for creative breakthrough through openness, clear unbiased observation and natural insight


  • Unite perception, potential and pragmatism at work


  • Apply full-spectrum awareness to authentic leadership


  • Transform inner and interpersonal conflicts into positive choices


  • Discover the exquisite power of clear presence and positive inquiry 


  • Create inner spaciousness, grace and flow 


  • Discover the intelligent nature of transparency and vulnerability 


Meet the Challenge of Leading Change


  • Lead any organizational change process, from technical improvements to cultural transformations, as an inspiration and catalyst for its success


  • Create sustainable organizational, team and individual change through conscious attention to the dynamic, human elements within planning, implementing and adapting to essential, yet relentless, organizational change


  • Incorporate empathy, equanimity, wisdom and compassion into strategic organizational change 


  • Master your inner capacity to delight in being adaptable while you navigate the acceleration of both change and complexity 


  • Align conscious intention and choice with vision and outcome


  • Harness the power of uncertainty, ambiguity and paradox


  • Recognize somatic responses to change and coax your body to flow through them with ease



The Communication Factor 


  • Understand the relevance of "The Communication Factor" in leadership, especially in leading large-scale change initiatives


  • Strategically build the essential competencies of clarity, credibility, authenticity, consistency, and interactivity into your leadership communication while modeling these for your working community

  • Choose your tone, spoken and body language to foster connection, inclusion, open minds and harmonious interaction ​


  • Use the language of the brain to build relatedness


  • Set your organizational stage with natural resonance and presence


  • Use deep relational listening, authentic inquiry and dialogue to engage collaborators and support insight into innovative possibilities


  • Navigate "Projection Loops" to break through limiting perceptions and challenged conversations 


  • Listen for the quality of listening within your working community


  • Learn the keys to transformational conversations


Body Brain

Befriend Your Body and Brain


  • Engage the latest brain science for leading transformational change 

  • Create synaptic synergy in leadership conversations


  • Integrate Body, Mind and Heart into your leadership style


  • Generate inner ease and balance through physical, emotional, social and spiritual intelligence

  • Choose happiness and positivity over habitual negative default patterns 

  • Overcome mindset fixity to confidently walk the path of lifelong, infinite growth and awareness

  • Experience the quantum effect of purposefully aligning your intent with your attitude and mindset

  • Become "reality" savvy and develop perspective agility


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