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Barbara L. Schultz


  • Leadership Coach

  • Change Leadership Strategist 

  • Transformation Guide

About Barbara: A Coach's Calling

As leadership coach, mentor, thinking partner and consultant, Barbara offers her clients the culmination of a rich life experience that includes her comprehensive professional background and formal education, along with her passionate pursuits in both advanced professional and personal development.

Barbara offers guidance to clients in these four key arenas:

Organizational and Change Leadership

Leading large scale organizational change and transformation projects with hi-tech and other industries; coaching leaders of organizational change in engaging managers and employees in long-term adoption of everything from new technology to shifts in values and cultural platforms

Leadership and Corporate Communications

Coaching for effective leadership communication at every level of their organizations

Conversations for Insight

Linking insight, clarity and awareness to the practice of leadership and life

Mind-Body Awareness Development

Applying neuroscience, meditation practice, mindfulness and compassion; developing intuition, somatic and energy awareness and embodied presence to strengthen leadership capacity

Barbara’s professional work emerges from her life’s passion for understanding the nature of consciousness, and how we can each grow and embody consciousness in our unique expressions of ourselves from moment to moment.


Central to her own development is her life-long quest and curiosity about how to view and embrace change and uncertainty as given constants in all aspects of our lives. Her path is also informed by her ongoing study of brain science, particularly as related to effective social interaction and to leadership communication. 


As a direct result of her own deep explorations and challenges, Barbara has an unusual capacity for guiding her clients through an inner process of unveiling and discovering the deeper mysteries that give life purpose, meaning and healthy fruit. With Barbara’s guidance, her clients are able to apply their own insights and deepening awareness to becoming more effective leaders, communicators and collaborators, both in and out of the workplace.


Barbara L. Schultz

Barbara's Path to Coaching 


Professional Experience

Barbara is a seasoned organizational leadership coach and integrative change leadership and process consultant whose professional expertise spans the intersection between Leadership Coaching and Development, Organization Development, Change Leadership and Communications, and both internal and external Corporate Communications. Her practice has included an expansive range of professional OD activities including:


  • Comprehensive change strategy and plan development

  • Thoughtful stakeholder impact and readiness assessments

  • Strategic stakeholder engagement

  • Leadership coaching

  • Change implementation

  • Developing and applying relevant success and sustainability measurement guidelines


Barbara’s experience includes collaborating with stakeholders as a coach, strategist, implementer and change leader on an extensive range of large-scale initiatives. More extensive bio available here.


Academic and Professional Development


  • With early academic studies in both science and journalism (BA, UC Berkeley, School of Journalism), Barbara began her professional life working in large organizations in the field of Corporate Communications, including Public Relations and Marketing.

  • Along with professional training as an Organization Development practitioner and Change Leader, Barbara received an advanced degree in Organization Leadership (MA, Organizational Leadership, Center for Leadership Studies). Her thesis focused on The Communication Factor in leadership.

  • Her advanced work in Leadership and Organization Development includes ongoing studies in Leadership and Teams, Organizational and Leadership Communication, Leading Change, Conscious Business, Organizational Consulting, and Human Capacity and Development (see box to right for details).                                                                                                              

Related Professional and Life Experience
  • Over the past 30 years, Barbara has continued to deepen her understanding and practice of meditation, mindfulness, awareness and consciousness, and to expand the clear center of her life view through in-depth engagement with various forms, traditions and advanced masters of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, including both Dzogchen and Mahamudra paths.

  • Barbara’s developmental experience includes over 15 years of studying, practicing and teaching somatic awareness and therapeutic bodywork. Her somatic practice has included Zen Shiatsu, Acupressure, The Berry Method, Deep Tissue, Shen Therapy, Reichian Therapy, Psychosynthesis, and Aikido. 


  • Barbara has extensive professional experience as a writer, editor and photo-journalist, including published articles, manuscript reviews for Berrett-Koehler Publishers, as well as editing for many authors, including Bernard Lietaer and Ansel Adams.


  • She is currently reviving her life-long interest in fine photography and photo-journalism.


  • Since childhood, Barbara has been a dancer of many forms and a performing vocalist.


Advanced Professional Development


Leadership and Teams

High Performance Team Development

Organizational and Leadership Communication

  • Communicating for Results (Syntax for Change)

  • Inter-Cultural Business Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Inquiry and Dialogue

  • Presentation Skills

  • Instructor/Trainer Skills

  • Transactional Analysis

Leading Change

  • Neuroscience applied to workplace change

  • Managing and Communicating Complex Change (Being First)

  • Achieving Change through Collaborative Organization Design (Gelinas-James)

Conscious Business

  • Emotional/social/spiritual Intelligence

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

Organizational Consulting

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Whole Systems Consulting

  • Deming's Total Quality Management

Human Capacity and Development

  • Intuition and Creativity Development (Co-facilitated workshops on The Inner Consultant with Sharon Franquemont) 

  • Evolutionary Panentheism with ITP (Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen and ITP)

  • Dzogchen (Rigpa) and Mahamudra Path (Daniel P. Brown and Pointing Out the Great Way)

  • Consciousness and Meditation (Peter Russell)

  • Brain science applied to enhancing human capacities

  • Cognitive psychology

  • Psychosynthesis with Harry Sloan

  • Reichian Therapy (Al Bauman)

  • The Enneagram

  • Personal Mastery

Formal Education


  • M.A. Organizational Leadership – Center for Leadership Studies / The Graduate Institute, Milford, CT

  • B.A. Self-designed individual major in Journalism and Communication – University of California, Berkeley, CA

  • A.A. Biology and Medical Technology – State  University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


Professional Certifications


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