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Coaching and consulting with clients ranging from
start-up entrepreneurs to global Fortune 100 company executives.

Selected list of clients:


Hi-tech – Cisco, Symantec, HP, SGI, Cognos, Compaq, Apple, SPANworks-Toshiba


Utility and Energy – PG&E, Chevron


TelecommunicationsTata Communications, AT&T


Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical – McKesson, IDS


Consumer/Office Products – Clorox, Eastman-Kodak, Xerox, Polaroid


Media – Knight-Ridder


Global Entrepreneurs – Global Connexus, Oulu Innovation, Urvision AB, The Grove Consultants International


Barbara has also served on the teaching staff of academic institutions, including Ubiquity / Wisdom University and Dominican University.



What clients say... 

"Barbara is a seasoned change management and communications champion who worked with me to launch a large strategic change effort within the CFO organization at Symantec. She has an open and friendly attitude and her deep knowledge and understanding of organizational change processes and effective communications, employee engagement and program positioning allowed her to become a trusted adviser and consultant to the CFO leadership team."

                                                                             - Windy Goodale

               Organization Effectiveness and Transformation Leader                                                             Customer Success, Salesforce


"Over a six-year period, Barbara and I co-developed and led workshops called Exploring the Art of Facilitation. These five-day workshops were attended by senior process consultants working within large organizations, and explored the relationship between the inner development of participants and their capacity for meeting the challenges of managing organizational change.


Barbara brings a real gift for reading people and group situations. Along with her ability to integrate an extensive theoretical base of material into practical knowledge and application, she is able to define and encourage the role of intuition in the lives and work of her clients. She learned about Arthur M. Young’s theory of process and integrated it into a model and process called “The Corporate Body” that she uses in igniting her clients’ awareness and use of their own intuition.


Barbara’s approach to coaching clients to manage change projects is invariably creative and sensitive to their multiple levels of need. Because her perspective is developmentally oriented, she works with an exceptional openness to the kinds of transformations that can occur when clients truly trust the coaching process and are open to expanding into their own natural potential. Clients usually work with her long term…a clear testimony to the value she adds.


Organizational leaders are realizing the value of bringing organic insight, mindfulness and awareness into highly technical applications, solutions and working environments. With her clear perspective and practical approach, Barbara contributes exceptional value to the success of her clients’ workplaces, especially in the leadership of change and transformation."

                                                                                       - David Sibbet

                            Chairman and Founder, The Grove Consultants

                       International—Visual Planning Consultant, Author,                                                                   and Information Designer


"Barbara is a very insightful resource for CEOs in the planning and execution of complex technical strategies. Her creative writing skills have enhanced the delivery of our consulting services. A very nice person to work with on critical projects."    

                                                                                - Victor V. Vurpillat                                         Chairman of the Board, Global Connexus


"Working with Barbara enabled me to create a vision for my company, and to hold it as I move toward it, and not get stuck along the way. She helped me to see the organic nature of change and to be more accepting of the twists and turns encountered in managing a business. As a result of working with Barbara, I established my role as a leader, and my team achieved more balance and harmony in the day to day human dynamics of our work. Barbara always amazed me with her insight, knowledge and thoroughness, and she made the work fun." 

                                                                                         - Doug Akagi                                                                         Founder, Akagi Design                                                                       Coprincipal, Alterpop


"Barbara is a brilliant analyst with a knack for seeing the larger picture and for understanding complex strategies. With her innate capacity for bringing theoretical and structural thinking into practical use, she coached me to see my role and purpose in the larger context of my organization. She is an impressive organizational and strategic thinker in transformational change and leadership communications, with both a deep theoretical and practical knowledge. I would stand next to her on any project."   

- Ulric Rudebeck

CEO, Urvision AB


"Barbara enabled me to gain insight into the changes I needed to make in my beliefs, in my work group approaches and applications, and in my understanding of the importance of focusing on the corporate perceptions of work team performance. Barbara's coaching skills enabled me to develop my ability to be aware of, to trust, and to integrate my intuitive thinking into my work-life. She convinced me that "flexibility" is not a weakness, that we need to work on areas of common agreement before we look for objections and that more graceful behavior would emerge as we replaced old mental constructs with more fluid images, values and points of view. After 30 years as an HR executive, I am now better able to integrate my thinking with my feeling and to help others to do the same. I am also learning to develop the "connectedness" of individuals and groups in diverse work environments. I am grateful for the influential assistance, knowledge and support of the guiding light provided by Barbara."

     - George E. Buckingham

City Training Officer, City of Sacramento


"Barbara brings attention to the human aspects of organizational communities so desired change in technology, business process or culture can take hold in peoples’ hearts, as well as in their minds." 

- Project Manager

Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Company


"With her ability to address both intellectual and emotional aspects of leadership, Barbara helped me to see the whole picture of my role as a leader. She showed me how to move beyond obvious challenges and to handle more fundamental ones in my work/career and life. In a very non-judgmental way, she helped me to see more deeply into both my strengths and my blind spots. With this awareness, I was able to expand my capacity as a leader." 

- Organizational Change Leader

Hi-Tech Company


"As a skilled and non-judgmental communicator, Barbara is comfortable confronting her clients in a constructive way to produce beneficial results for their working community. Her positive perspective and combination of soft touch and hard core analysis allowed me to make great strides in achieving my goals as a leader."

- Corporate Executive

Hi-Tech Company

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