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Coaching for Change


Coaching leaders to successfully navigate organizational and personal change with clarity, presence and awareness

Meet the Challenge of Leading Change

Lead any organizational change process, from technical improvements to cultural transformations, as an inspiration and catalyst for its success

The Communication Factor 

Strategically build the essential competencies of clarity, credibility, authenticity, consistency, and interactivity into your leadership communication, while modeling these for your working community

Conversations for Igniting Potential

Free your capacity for creative breakthrough 
through openness, clear unbiased observation and natural insight 



Befriend Your Body and Brain

Engage the latest somatic studies and brain science behind effective, intelligent leading


Barbara L. Schultz

A seasoned and dedicated Leadership Coach

Owner, Consultant, Barbara Schultz

Barbara L. Schultz is a seasoned and dedicated Leadership Coach, Change Leadership Strategist and Transformation Guide with over 25 years of practice and study in the arenas of Organization Leadership and Development, Large-Scale Organization Change Leadership, Leadership and Corporate Communications, as well as personal development and conscious living and working.


As coach, thought partner and trusted advisor, she supports corporate executives, entrepreneurs and individuals in discovering, developing and applying competencies for planning and navigating targeted change strategy, including effective organizational and interpersonal communication. She also supports her clients' mastery of essential inner leadership capacities such as personal change, clear insight, cognitive mindfulness and somatic awareness, empathy, and applied consciousness and wisdom.


Her clients range from entrepreneurial leaders of start-ups to executives of global Fortune 100 companies.


What clients say...

Barbara is a seasoned change management and communications champion who worked with me to launch a large strategic change effort…

With her clear perspective and practical approach, Barbara contributes exceptional value to the success of her clients’ workplaces, especially in the leadership of change and transformation.

Barbara is a very insightful resource for CEOs in the planning and execution of complex technical strategies...

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